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Art is a means of communication by which mind reaches out to mind across great gaps of space and time as well as across death.
Francis Hayland

India Today is in the business of reaching minds. Art has been stimulating minds long before publications came into existence. Also, art is, like publications, a reflection of its times. And, as we continue our adventures into the field of communication, it is with great pleasure that we take our first step into the world of art by opening an art gallery. It will provide both artists and art-lovers a well-equipped showspace in the heart of the capital for visual communication.

Contemporary Indian art is coming of age, and we would like to be part of this process. We hope to curate shows which will define new parameters as also produce international-class publications which will record the work of today’s painters beyond the walls, and for posterity.

Art Today will also produce signed and numbered prints to extend the hanging value of rare, contemporary works to many more interiors where art will be enjoyed beyond the price-tag.

Beyond the works of contemporary Indian artists and sculptors, Art Today will also exhibit the best of the traditional and future art forms and, when the occasion demands, collaborate with institutions and galleries abroad to bring the best of the world to India’s capital city.

In this spirit, we welcome you to our first show.
Rekha & Aroon Purie
February 5, 1995

New Delhi, designed by Edwin Lutyens, was founded in 1911 by King George V and Queen Mary with a jade and ivory mallet studded with precious stones. A lot of this Delhi has, alas, been demolished. While renovating the space for Art Today, my basic concern was the restoration of the lost splendour of Connaught Place, designed by R.T. Russell. I have restructured it spatially to serve as a vast unobtrusive simple interior for the purposes of a modern art gallery. The result is there for you to see.

 -Prem Nath, Architect

Since that memorable day in 1995, Art Today has evolved into India’s premier gallery. In the spirit of its raison d'etre, Art Today has exhibited the best of contemporary painters and sculptors--M.F. Husain, Sunil Das, Meera Mukherjee, Satish Gujral, Ravinder Reddy, Gogi Saroj Pal, A.Ramachandran, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Anjolie Ela Menon, and Riten Majumdar--on the one hand, and that of final-year art students on the other. At the same time, Art Today has also curated shows for the experimental artists of the Osho Commune and traditional artists like Kailash Chand Sharma and Vijay Hagargundgi, trying to keep the art of miniature painting alive in India.

In the last 5 years, Art Today has revolutionised India’s art-market by making art more accessible through its limited-edition reproduction of handpicked masterpieces. Now, with its online shoppe, artetc.--which offers reproductions, calendars, and postcards-sets--Art Today hopes to take Indian art beyond its premier premises and into the global marketplace, thus living up to the vision it had created for itself.

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